5 Methods of Wearing Men’s Fur Scarves

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 There’s enough time left for the winter season to arrive, but it doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a bit of shopping for the chilly months, right? After all, there’s nothing called “over-prepared,” but there’s definitely an “underprepared,” and you can’t opt for the latter. However, if you’re going to wear scarves this winter, you must first learn to wear them. It can keep you warm, but scarves also happen to be an exceptionally stylish accessory. If you can tie one properly, you can expect it to enhance your overall ensemble significantly. Now, there are several classic ways to wear them, but if you want them to match your style and outfit, you have to learn to tie them.



1.   The once-around: The most classic way of wearing Men’s fur scarves purchased from Amifur is the one-around. You can use this method of wearing a scarf with a classic jacket during the winter. While you can’t wear anything made of fur during the summer, you can resort to cotton scarves and wear them following the same method over a shirt. It will protect your neck from the chilly breeze, but this way of wearing a scarf isn’t going to give you a lot of warmth.


2.      The drape: Another way of wearing Real fur scarves for men is the drape method. You just have to lean the scarf on your shoulders and let it fall along your chest under your overcoat or jacket. It’s more of a relaxed way of wearing a scarf. This particular method of wearing a scarf, however, is more ornamental than practical. You will look better if you combine a long coat with it. This technique is quite popular among taller men.


3.      The Parisian knot: You may also recognize this method of wearing a scarf as the European knot. If you want to wear a scarf functionally without wasting too much time, the Parisian knot will do the trick. Rest assured, it’s good enough for the chilly days and nights of the winter months. However, you need a long foulard for it to work. Otherwise, you’ll look awkward. Once you tie your scarf appropriately, you can let the loose ends out of the coat or hide them under the collar.




4.      The over hand: This technique is somewhat of a hybrid of the drape and once-around methods. It just consists of a single knot that you have to tie tightly under your chin. It will match perfectly with a suit and give you a smart appearance. You can also loosen the knot a bit if you want a more relaxed look, but it won’t be suitable if the temperature goes down below zero. This particular method of tying a scarf is also popular by the name of the Ascot.


5.      The all-around: Last but not the least; the all-around is a contemporary way of wearing scarves. It works well with casual outfits because of its relaxed and young attitude. You can resort to this knot if you’re going to wear a sweater or an aviator jacket. The overall ensemble will combine and communicate refinement tinged with nonchalance at the same time.


To conclude


Well, there are you have it – five methods of wearing scarves. You should give all of them a try to find out what you like best.

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