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Fur is timeless in its appeal and it is also back in fashion after being under a cloud for some time. As they say you can never keep a good thing down. Fur bestows its wearer with enchanting good looks whether it is a hat, a scarf, a vest or muffs or shawls or headbands. Consider a woman who chooses to wrap herself in a fur shawl made of beaver, mink, raccoon, rabbit, sheepskin, muskrat or fox fur. As far as looks go, the woman with a fur fashion accessory stands out in a crowd with an air of glamour and style.

There is more to fur than mere fashion and style. Fur can be extremely light though it appears bulky and give the figure a rounded, fuller look. Importantly, when you wear a real fur hat or scarf you have the best protection against biting cold. What women love and men admire is the soft, sensuous feel of fur. It can caress the skin and the soul in never ending heavenly delight. You do not have to dig deep into your pockets for the luxury of fur: Amifur’s offerings are priced just right to let you fill your wardrobe with the complete ensemble.

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Excellent product, I love it! Great customer service. I received it quickly. Thank you!.. ...»
Benedikte - Denmark
Fantastic fox fur scarf. My order was received very quickly by me. Neatly packed in a nice box... ...»
Monique - Belgium
The fur collar is really nice quality and it looks well made. It is super warm. Thank you. Greta.. ...»
Greta - Philadelphia
Excellent fur hat at reasonable price. Tommy.. ...»
Great purchasing experience, was provided with DHL tracking details. Ordered the item on the Monday and received it on the Wednesday. Barry.. ...»
The fur scarf is really nice quality for the price and it looks well made. It is warm, comfy and cosy to wear, love it so far!.. ...»
MADISON - (Brooklyn)

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