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Are you thinking of getting a new accessory for your wintry wardrobe? Then one of the essentials you may want to consider is a fur accessory. You may think of acquiring a collar for your needs. Of all the accessories carved out of fleece, the neckbands are one of those products which do not seem to be on the list of must-haves among the stylish people of modern times. Well, that, of course, is shameful! After all, they are one of the most versatile products you will ever come across. However, most people are not aware of how they would work them out effectively with the outfit they wear.





Taking a...

Posted by on Mar 06, 2021 .

Fashion is often about buying some of the most exquisite things in the global market. True they must also have a utility in the context of the regular climatic condition of the place, but the aspect is yet again integral. Some of the most fashionable accessories are quite expensive. They however never fail to create a style statement whenever they are used. However since you invest a tidy amount of money in the purchase it is essentially important you bear certain aspects in your mind/ let us take a look at some of the facts that must be borne in kind while buying such an item scarves made of real animal fur.



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There was a time when nothing was as glamorous as a coat, a scarf, or a hat manufactured from fur. During that phase, garments crafted from animal pelts, particularly mink, used to be the ultimate status symbol. Those who owned such garments and accessories oozed elegance. Also, women chose them over everything else because they were the epitome of feminism. Every sophisticated, fashion-loving woman of that time had at least one outfit or accessory made from fur. Then it started fading in the background and almost vanished. However, it reappeared through the minds and designs of fashion designers. When the models showcased their...

Do you own something manufactured from genuine fur? It can be a coat, a hat, or a scarf crafted from animal pelts entirely, or it may have fleece trimmings. Regardless of what you own, if it contains natural animal pelts, then you have to get it cleaned every year. For that purpose, you have to send the item to a professional furrier. You can also rely on a local laundry firm that specializes in handling this material. No one should ever try to wash their garments or accessories at home. Whether you wear it regularly or not, animal pelts lose moisture if you don’t clean and condition them every year. Without appropriate cleaning,...

Posted by on Oct 31, 2020 .

Fur hats are not merely about protecting you against cold weather. Nowadays, they are also about fashion. If you need to establish a distinct fashion statement in winter months, then a fox fur hat perfectly fits the bills. You would be more than impressed by the attractive features of a branded fox fur hat. Ensure you purchase it from a top online store. Read on to know more details on this matter.



Bright Colors

Amifur has a rich collection of men’s fur hats at reasonable rates that perfectly meet your fashion objectives. Of course, the hats are highly functional. But they have immense aesthetic standards...

Most people shy away from purchasing garments or accessories made from genuine animal pelts. It’s mainly due to the negative press that they often receive. However, if you’re an admirer of this fabric, then you shouldn’t listen to what others say. Apart from all the benefits of choosing this material, you should know the best dealers always adhere to the rules enforced by the government on animal rearing, farming, and harvesting. They even utilize old and recycled products to create new ones. Now, faux varietals are gaining popularity these days due to those “animal rights activists.” However, you should never resort to faux...

Posted by on Sep 04, 2020 .

There was a time when experts used to say that it’s always beneficial to wear something that would protect your head during the harsh, cold winter months. They believed that an individual could lose around 80 to 90% of his/her body heat through their head. Understandably, headgear would prevent you from encountering catastrophic situations. However, this fact didn’t stay true for long. Today’s researchers believe that you could lose heat from all parts of your body. Nevertheless, hats still play a crucial role, both in terms of winter protection and fashion. The best way to maintain your body heat is to cover everything from your...

Posted by on Jun 06, 2020 .
Very few fabrics are as glamorous as fleece derived from animals. Of course, you have no reason to frown because the manufacturers and dealers of fleece garments and accessories raise the animals that yield the substance in farms. The feel and look of the material are outstanding, to say the least. Clothes and accessories designed from this material set the wearer apart from others. However, faux fleece is also available these days. Differentiating between the two materials isn’t going to be easy for you if you’re going to buy something for the first time. The information given below should help you.
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