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Posted by on Jul 06, 2019 .

The fur is something that has been ruling the world of fashion for decades. It experienced a few dry spells, but it pulled itself up. Even a few years ago nobody was showing any interest in this expensive item. Now, however, the story is entirely different. You can spot male and female models showcasing fur garments and accessories on fashion shows. The sheer glamour of fur accessories and clothes exude from these models as they walk down the runway. While fur can be expensive, it is possible for almost everyone to own at least one or two instances. However, everything depends on what you’re buying.

The Basics

Yes, apart...

Fur clothes and accessories are back, and there is nothing to deny that fact. The latest fashion week which took place in New York featured several instances of this extravagantly expensive material. The number of cases made everyone believe that fur is now as common as wool. On that particular fashion show, animal pelts were on coats, stoles, jackets, oversized mittens, hoodies, blouses, skirts, blouses, and whatnot. Some of the top designers like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Marc Jacobs showcased their fashion designing prowess with fur. Naturally, more and more people are buying fur clothes and accessories. However, some people...

Posted by on Apr 04, 2019 .

There are many fur accessories in the market these days. The main issue is about avoiding the companies which are selling synthetic products instead of the real ones. Once you find the right seller, you can go on an accessorizing discovery spree. Styling specialists are bestowing new ways and ideas of styling with your fur hat. Among all the other choices, real fur is the best there is. You will be better off with genuine animal hair than its inferior synthetic variety. These hats keep your head warm during harsh winter days. They also let you create a fashion statement that everyone around you will try to follow or copy.


Posted by on Mar 04, 2019 .

Hat is the latest trend amongst this generation. Here we discuss the trendy ways to wear fur hats for Men following the new fashion. 

Men and hat have a unique connection everywhere. From Sherlock Holmes to Indiana Jones, the royal princes to the travel buff, this amazing piece of style makes a casual outfit elegant. The sole purpose of the item is to cover your head, ear and neck either from heat or from the chilly weather. Now with time, they are not just a comfortable option but a must-have accessory in your wardrobe. The latest brim cut fedora is the new theme of this season. They are made from superior quality and are...

Gone are the days when only women could wear clothes and accessories that would rival a peacock for gorgeous looks. Now men can be the true peacocks since accessorizing is accepted and even expected in the current fashion scenario. In fact a man who does not wear any accessory may look like a bare plucked chicken. It is possible to go overboard which is not advisable unless it is for gold. In the fashion context, you can go overboard provided it is fur accessories for men. Just pick the right ones from Amifur.

The Range of Men’s Fur Accessories

Apart from the usual men’s fur hats and fur coats you have the option of...

Posted by on Jan 04, 2019 .

Get the unique and best scarves from the Fox Fur Scarves this winter. Here is a list of the latest offerings which are the perfect trends in scarves in the fall of the 2018.

Christmas is knocking at your door. In this chilling winter have you done with shopping spree or are you still thinking and are in the dilemma what should I buy and where should I get them from?

Options galore

Scarves are trendy and they not only add to your style quotient but they become an important part of your everyday dressing if you reside in the regions where the temperatures go well below Zero degree Celsius. The most important thing is...

Who said that hats are vintage style and cannot be adorned now? Only the strong personalities like to adore hats with their intimidating attire. The hats are and always will be the best accessories for men who like to carry them in style. During the winter season, the fur hats become a part and parcel of the attire you like to wear. This accessory will protect your head from freezing winds and snowfall. In fact, you will find yourself warm and comfortable all the time. This is why the fur hats have become a staple choice that goes well with all kinds of attires.

Ideal men’s Fur Hats to choose From

There are different...

The warm blessings of fur are upon us. The best winter accessories such as coats and scarves are made of fur from the exotic animals. The nifty craftsmanship and excellent fur materials recovered from the animals make them the prized possession of the fashion aficionados. Who said that the winter season is not meant for fashion? You can rock the world with the best fur accessories by making a brilliant style statement. All you have to do is to find the right portal to get your hands on the best items in town.

Best fur Scarves for this Season

There are so many brands that offer real fur items.  Most of them fail in...

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