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Posted by on Mar 09, 2015 .

Did you know that you can stay warm during winter? Yeah, I meant continuing being warm in your apartment and your home city without organizing for a tour to warmer continents. The trick is this simple; shop for furred muffs that defy cold and keep your hands warm all day long.

Your fingers must have been subjected to numbness during winter that makes it even hard to hold a cup. You can avoid this ordeal by putting on hands fur muffs and enjoy the beauty of changing seasons without negatively judging nature.

Milestone of Hand Muffs

You will be surprised to find out that this trending fashion accessory was not invented...

Women love fur when they grow up and Barbie dolls when they were girls. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that women are more affectionate, like to cuddle, have an innate sense of fashion that men lack and love soft, warm materials that caress. Fur fits the bill. It is also a fact that no material can match fur when it comes to giving glamorous bling and a touch of sheer class to a woman. Is it any surprise that fur is back in fashion and the choice of celebrities, PETA or no PETA? Fur is simply high fashion.

Looks apart, fur should be your material of choice as protection gear if you live in especially chilly areas...

A scarf is what highlights and accents your style. Fabric scarves with colourful prints make a style statement and the fun part is that, if chosen to match your dress, they make you look so wonderfully attractive and chic. They are good but only just because when it gets bitingly cold even the finest cashmere does not provide the degree of warmth you need. The only thing that will keep you looking gorgeous and also snugly warm is a fur scarf. It has to be the genuine one, not the faux fur type. 

The mink fur scarf has a lot going for it. With lustrous silky looks and feel, it can make you look absolutely marvellous. The limiting...

Posted by on Jan 21, 2015 .

In 50s and black and white colours became highly fashionable. It was a part of the image of an elegant upper-class lady. Beside trendy trapezium-shape furcoats, white-colour fox, mink and ermine fur coats were widely worn at that time. Another feauture of that period was large collars and cuffs as well as combined fur coats. For example, ocelot or beaver fur coat in combination with lynx fur collar, or karakul fur coat with sable and mink collar and cuffs. By the way, one of the most interesting trends of that period was that glamorous women often wore black fur coats in the daytime and, on the contrary, they wore white clothes when it...

Posted by on Nov 21, 2014 .

The 1950s were experimental years of fur fashion. They mark the onset of leopard fur and leopard print fashion. Short fur coats, mink fur wraps and waisted astrakhan fur coats also came into fashion at the time. Fur coat fashion became highly elegant and womanly. The 1950s witnessed models parading down catwalks wearing fur coats of the most prominent fashion houses and mink fur wrap showed off in Dior collection. The French introduced a coat made of ocelot fur in their “Revillon” collection and “Deanfield” from London presented a leopard fur coat. Meanwhile “Chanel”, keeping up with them, designed a sheepskin fur coat dyed...

Posted by on Nov 07, 2014 .

Part 10. Post-war period

During the post-war period fur products were as fashionable as in the war-time; however, as a result of the war and economic downturn, both demand and supply declined. Just in the war time and post-war period, a new consumer class emerged, i.e. women working in highly paid wartime industries. They could afford to purchase fur coats themselves without expecting that their husbands or their beloved ones will please them with such luxurious presents.

Actually, two classes of fur customers could be distinguished at the time, i.e. a provincial middle-class housewife wearing less expensive fur coat which, in...

Part 9. Period of the 2nd World War

During the 2nd World War international trade was forbidden in most of the countries, making influence on fur fashion as well. The countries which had previously imported fur, in order to satisfy the market demand, during the said period had to resort to their own resources. For instance, in Italy leopard fur was replaced by rabbit, sheep, beaver fur and even certain types of mouse fur. The situation in France and England was similar. Thus, fur fashion also had to transform and adapt to the changed social and political situation; still, we cannot say that fur fashion in Europe decreased. At that...

At the beginning of the 20th century, fur fashion was steadily developing with fur prices going up. At the same time designers’ imagination was also expanding when designing and experimenting with new, interesting models. Fur coats were typically sown of ermine or otter. At that time short fur coats and fur cuffs came into fashion. Using animal heads and tails as outfit accessories was highly fashionable as well.

Women skirts were getting shorter and fur cloaks were getting longer.


It is worthy to mention that the new century witnessed the issue of first fur magazines and catalogues.


Persian lamb fur...

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