Different between Fox Fur Vs. Real Fur. Which Is More Sustainable?

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The realm of fashion happens to be one of the most riddling domains when it comes to distinguish the original from the artificial one. Whether we talk about original watches, real leather, genuine fabric, or fur for that matter, the fraternity of fashion has an overwhelming collection that comprises both of the authentic items as well as the smart replicas. In the current discussion we will take a look at the ways you can differentiate between real fur and artificial ones. Recently a debate has taken the fashion market by a fire that which of these two furs happens to be the most sustainable in the long run. Let us take a detailed look at the issue.



Differentiating original from fake

Telling between real fur and faux fur as in case of Real Fur hats, is quite difficult. Even some of the most seasoned fashion experts or fashion buffs are often unable to tell the difference between the real Fox fur hats and the real ones. Yet if you wish to know the original and the authentic from the fake and unreal take a careful look at the entire production. Faux fur often has fur strands which are of a uniform length. Real fur often has fur strands of different length. This means that some fur strands are longer as compared to the other fur strands. In real fur product the trip of the fur strands are often rounded off. In a real fur product the fur strands have a pointed end. Further in real fur items like Real Fur hats from brands the fur is attached to a leathery material because this happens to be the animal skin.  In case of faux leather items the fur are attached to a fabric kind of a material.



Debate of sustainability

Now as mentioned in the opening of the discussion there is a real serious debate regarding the sustainability of the real fur items and the fox fur items. There is a huge debate in the circles of fashion experts that which of the two types of fur happens to be the best for the environment, nature, people and all living being. There have been many activities condemning real fur items where celebrities have done it all to profess dropping ideas of using real fur hat and other items made out of real animal fur. However researches have proven that fox fur hats and other items made of artificial fur unlike the Real Fur hatsare often not as good for the environment as a real fur product.



Which one to choose

So when asked to make a choice people are in a real dilemma. It can be said that natural fur is obtained by killing animals. On the other hand fox fur is made out of processing plastic. This as a process can be really harmful for the environment as a whole. The best thing to do in this case is opt for second hand fur items or items which have been made out of fur not attained through cruelty.

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