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Posted by on Jan 04, 2019 .

Get the unique and best scarves from the Fox Fur Scarves this winter. Here is a list of the latest offerings which are the perfect trends in scarves in the fall of the 2018.

Christmas is knocking at your door. In this chilling winter have you done with shopping spree or are you still thinking and are in the dilemma what should I buy and where should I get them from?

Options galore

Scarves are trendy and they not only add to your style quotient but they become an important part of your everyday dressing if you reside in the regions where the temperatures go well below Zero degree Celsius. The most important thing is...

Who said that hats are vintage style and cannot be adorned now? Only the strong personalities like to adore hats with their intimidating attire. The hats are and always will be the best accessories for men who like to carry them in style. During the winter season, the fur hats become a part and parcel of the attire you like to wear. This accessory will protect your head from freezing winds and snowfall. In fact, you will find yourself warm and comfortable all the time. This is why the fur hats have become a staple choice that goes well with all kinds of attires.

Ideal men’s Fur Hats to choose From

There are different...

The warm blessings of fur are upon us. The best winter accessories such as coats and scarves are made of fur from the exotic animals. The nifty craftsmanship and excellent fur materials recovered from the animals make them the prized possession of the fashion aficionados. Who said that the winter season is not meant for fashion? You can rock the world with the best fur accessories by making a brilliant style statement. All you have to do is to find the right portal to get your hands on the best items in town.

Best fur Scarves for this Season

There are so many brands that offer real fur items.  Most of them fail in...

Posted by on Oct 05, 2018 .

Only the best Quality Italian fur is used to make the comfortable scarves. These are fluffy, soft and come in variety of colors so as to keep you warm during chilly winters.Fur reigns supremely. This year it is back with a big bang and if there is an absence of scarf in your ensemble, then you are missing a lot in terms of fashion. There are myriad reasons to wear scarves made of fur from raccoon, karakul, karakul, rabbit, red chinchilla, beaver, and fox. Do you think it would blow a hole in your pocket? Certainly not when, you are getting yours from a pioneer Italian company, amidst many others that exist. If you are shopping for the...

Posted by on Sep 05, 2018 .

In a diversified crowd, fleece attires tend to stand out among the rest because of its unique trend. Enthusiasts of fashion, teenagers, and people staying in harshly cold countries are accepting furs. Pelt apparels are not limited to extravagant events only but are picking up modernity by combining with leather trousers or jeans and high top shoes. Fur offers a graceful way to stay stylish while maintaining heat in wickedly winter areas. Fur also tends to deteriorate with time, but not if you know the best ways to preserve the attires. It is an organic fabric, and it breathes, yes, it breathes which makes specific points a necessity,...

Posted by on Aug 07, 2018 .

The cultural significance of Russian hats started with the Finnish Army when the soldiers wore these hats to achieve optimum insulation in the coldest months of the Winter War. The design of the Russian hats stretching from the chin to the ears is one of the most efficient ones for winter purposes. Seeing the practicality of the army hats, soon the Soviet Army came up with the Ushanka to provide for prime warmth sealant.

Umpteen Collections of Russian Hats

Shopping for Russian real fur hats is not laborious with Amifur’s online shopping website. While the hats may have started as Ushankas, they soon were capitalized upon...

Posted by on Jul 07, 2018 .

Fur lasts for years. Whether you have a fur coat, fur hat or fur scarf, it can be worn ten years later and none will ever look out of place or out of style. There is an enchantingly timeless appeal to fur, especially fur accessories.

One of the must-have accessories in fur for men is the fur hat. Winter sets in and you need protection for your head against bitter cold. Fur is ideal in that it is light in weight yet provides the highest levels of comfortable warmth. It can look stylish too. Fur scarves are just as useful for protection as they are for making a fashion statement. Men’s fur accessories from Amifur provide all...

Fashion tends to go around in circles or in helixes because man has yet to come up with something so radically different that it represents a tangential departure from accepted norms. Therefore, fur, which was the darling of landed gentry, the royals, noblemen and the rich, went out of style when people started to have guilty feelings about inhuman cruelty to animals just in order to get their pelts. Just a decade ago anyone wearing fur would be given glaringly withering looks. There have been instances of people who wore fur being attacked in the streets by animal rights activists. Now, fur is riding on a tsunami crest of fashion...

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