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Posted by on Feb 02, 2017 .

Winters is all about seeking to stay warm, which will also be complicated. Seeking to keep heat and fashionable even as can be another mission. Fur can solve these iciness challenges due to the fact that fur combines sort and function.

You can chose from wide range of fur accessories availed in the market such as Amifur sable fur hat. The extravagant texture of Sable fur is lush and legitimate. The result is a straightforward and stylish Cossack-inspired fur Russian hat that's tremendously lush, at ease and heat. Tuck your hair within this Russian faux fur hat for a proper seem, or leave it down for a informal date.


Posted by on Jan 06, 2017 .

Winters are always a season to make a fashion statement. No longer can winters be thought of a boring fashion season. A fur hat is become a must have accessory this winter. Women want to flaunt this trend in the best possible way. It is not only important to look good but also to dress up for the occasion. All leading designer brands have also ensured to display different apparel with fur. Certainly it is a trend which is past and yet is so happening.

The Amifur fox fur hats have become a comfcortable fashion for winters. At Amifur, you can purchase just the right kind of hats you have been looking for and that too at...

Posted by on Dec 06, 2016 .

The winter period is here again, which means temperatures in certain parts of the world are dropping. Nonetheless, fashionistas are not ready to let the snowflakes get in the way of conveying their fashion statement. They have found the perfect way to stay classy, sophisticated and warm. What better way is there to make the best of the winter than to accessorize with real fur…?

Undeniably, the fur trend is back again. It’s not just fur coats that are in vogue, fur material has been incorporated into different outfits such as designer skirts and dresses, shirts, boots, among st others. An important accessory that people...

During winter everyone wants to survive the cold days with warm apparel. As a result, fur accessories have been so popular due to their softness and superior look. Fur accessories not only keep you warm but also are stylish and stand out. No one can resist the glamor that fur adds to one’s outfit, whether it is a fur shawl, all these make a good look especially for ladies.

Fur hats are very comfortable, making them a luxurious accessory to wear. The hats come in different styles and types of fur. They give one’s head a fuller look and add softness to your look. Whether you want a fedora, a beret, cap styles, floppy, Derby...

Posted by on Oct 15, 2016 .

Fur hats have always been a trend during the winter months, besides looking stylish they keep us warm and comfy. Having a fully covered up neck and head keeps you warmer than boots or thick trousers. Furry heads have been around for centuries, most familiar to the Russian aristocratic ladies who adored furs. As trends have their lives and fashion roads, the fur hat trend is no exception.

Depending on the look and style you are going for, you can choose a fur hat to match. Whenever you want to look fashionable, yet keep warm during winter, real fur hats are the best option. They are rarely found and are very costly. The fur is...

Posted by on Sep 08, 2016 .

After being under a cloud for some time fur is back in fashion with many celebrities spotted wearing different fur accessories. It has become the winter trend that everyone is going for to protect themselves from cold. Apart from protecting one from cold, it has also become a fashion trend giving the wearer a good look. Whether it is a scarf, a vest, a hat, shawls, muffs or headbands; all these fur accessories have fashion and style to make your outfit unique.

A scarf is one of the winter accessories everyone is wearing for the need to stay warm. The scarf is around everyone’s neck during winter it is not necessarily for...

Fabrics made of fur are an amazing fashion trend that has come to stay. Men have suddenly become keen on this stylish fashion trend. Notable fur accessories that most men wear include hats, and coats. Other outfits might be designed with a fur to make it look trendy and increase warmth. Such outfits include boots, shirts, and many more.

There are so many controversies about men wearing fabrics made of fur. There is no yardstick for who should or shouldn’t wear a fur. Most of the models on the runway have been seen on stylish men’s fur hats.

There are 10 facts about men’s fur hats everyone thinks is true. These facts...

Posted by on Jul 07, 2016 .

A renowned fashion trend during the winter season is fur hats. What I love about fur hats is that asides giving you a chic look, it also keeps you warm during the winter. Many fashionistas (e.g. Keira Knightley, and the Middleton sisters) have been spotted on different types of stylish fur hats, wearing a fur hat has a way of adding seduction, sophistication, and femininity to your look. There has always been a fur hat trend over the years; a notable place for the trend is Russia. Many aristocratic ladies in Russia wore them and looked nothing short of stunning. The trend is still on and it will always be. Fur hats come in different...

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