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Posted by on May 06, 2016 .

Fur is back again in vogue. Animals’ pelt is love for every fashion freak. A simple furry accessory can give a fab look to your ordinary dress. From the catwalks of Milan, New York, Paris and London, animal’ skin has become mainstream fashion. It is one of the best fabrics to wear during autumn/winter season. It gives you a spunky look with a classy touch. It is never out of the vogue.

Women have an inevitable love for fluffy and soft fabrics. The hats are the most-loved headgear among female fraternity, particularly during winters. They are best to accessorize your dress. A new hat can change your old look. It serve best as an...

Posted by on Apr 01, 2016 .

Fur is always popular and its productivity increase at the peak in the winter weather. In the past few months, real fur has made the dramatic sizzling entry into the winter designer collection clothes. You may have not noticed but a new trend in fur era has finally arrived. It’s spreading from the runways of New York to your own city. These are the most eye catching scarves that designers have landed in the market. In today’s market, fur scarves are known for glamor, fame and their comfort. Women are choosing more these scarves and related accessories to stay warm and feel good. Not only the street of London are full of them,...

Real fur makes all the differences, and the dominance of real product over the others is distinctive. Amifur is the leading furrier that offers only the top-notch quality fur and fox skin products. A well established and comprehensive store for stylish, warm and cosy winter accessories and head wear. They features best speciality brands with a prominence of products made in Italy and Canada. They strive hard to offer you products with top-notch standard in quality, the recent functional and innovation designs and the trendiest fashion trends at the most affordable prices.

Trendy fashion of Russian sable fur hat available at...

Scarves made out of fur are an essential part of any winter wardrobe. They not only keep ones neck safe from the cold winds but are also very stylish- when worn well. There are all sorts of ways you can tie your scarf, the only discretion being that it should look great and keep you warm simultaneously. You can learn more on 5 of the most popular styles at the moment in the next sections.


For those who have long scarves, this can be one of the best ways of tying them. It is very beautiful and especially useful in an extremely cold environment since it involves multiple layers that will keep you snug and warm. You...

Dressed, men look more or less the same. Women have some more latitude in the style of their garments. Still, when it comes to standing out from the crowd, the hat is the crowning glory that gives you distinctive looks. Wait a minute. All hats are not equal. Some hats can typecast you; some can make you stand out.

You can wear a trapper hat but does that signal you are from the backwoods? It just might.
A newsboy cap for winter might go well with any outfit but offers limited protection and is dated.
The fedora is not bad when it comes to unique looks but again, like the cap, offers limited protection...

Posted by on Dec 07, 2015 .

Winter is coming. No, that is not the slogan of a popular TV series, it is a fact. Winter is coming. And you need to prepare yourself for it. What other items are better for making such a preparation that the fur accessories. There are of various types that you can select from. The bottom line however, is that they are an essential part of winter clothing. If you are wondering why theyare essential, then this is the post for you. To begin with, they are very warm. This is their essence, they keep you warm and snug throughout the winter. The materials that are used in manufacturing them are all meant to protect the wearer against the...

Posted by on Dec 05, 2015 .

Every fashionable woman knows that winter is just another time to bring out some of the best items in their closet. Apart from heavy coats and scarves,fur hats are some of the most essential pieces of clothing that you should arm yourself with on any given winter. If you are wondering why this is so, then this is the post for you. There are literally countless types of such caps that you can choose from. It can get a bit frustrating, but you need not worry about this. In this post we will cover some of the strategies that you need to employ in order to get just the right one.

The shape of your face is very crucial when making...

There are number of options when it comes to winter clothing yet stylish and warm. So many hot trends such as fur scarves, fur headbands fur purses and fur shawls come in varied sizes and design aesthetics to fill your fashion needs. For cold weathers the Fur Shawls are on the top in list of fashion wear. For winter weddings they are consider as a quite fashionable item. The mink fur shawl is best to compliment the bride’s attire rather than jackets or other. For those who love to attend the late night classy events of town requires a classy dress wear, a fur shawl is enough to add an elegance and to give a sophisticated look.

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