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The year 1700 and over marks the period when fur muffs became extremely trendy.  Hand muffs were made of very precious and luxurious fur. As time went by, reaching the start of the 19 th century, wraps trimmed with fur came into fashion and reached their fashion peak. Wraps with nice surrounds made of fur were commonly worn on clothes.  If we get back to the England of the 19th century, we would witness aristocrat women pranking themselves with silk wraps trimmed with fox fur surrounds and fitting fur hand muffs to them.

At the beginning of the 19 the century, Europe most frequently imported fur from North America; these were wraps...

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In the 15th – 16 th centuries it was popular among women to wear the so called „pelliccione”, a very modern fur coat. What was specific about them, was their length, wide sleeves and a hood. Such fur coats were most frequently sewn of ermine and squirrel fur.

Ships in Genoa imported and exported fur fabric. At the time fur coats were extremely fashionable. For example, the outstanding Italian painter, Tiziano Vecellio, often wore ermine fur.

According to the laws of that time, married women could not keep more than 2 articles made of fur. Furriers earned a good deal of money; therefore, a lot of taxes were...

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In the Middle Ages fur accessories became extremely fashionable and served as decorative and luxurious outfit for noblemen. Medieval clothes provided information not only about the wealth of a person but also showed the status of the person wearing them. For example, only Royalty were permitted to wear clothes trimmed with ermine fur. The very Charlemagne (Charles the Great) always wore fur clothing which included cloaks trimmed with expensive ermine, petit-gris and fox fur. Seeking to purchase fur at a lower price, this king even reduced duties of fur import into the Roman Empire.

At that time fur fashion developed extending...

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Did you know that fur, as an haute cotoure  standard, dates back to the Middle Ages? And that fur in ancient civilizations served as a valuable means of barter? In our blog we would like to share exclusive and interesting information with you, that is, the history of fur fashion which reaches as far as the times of ancient civilizations. We will present you a small part of this history every week. Enjoy reading!


Part 1. Fur in ancient civilizations and in the Roman Empire.

Trading in fur already started thousands of years ago reaching the times of ancient civilizations and millenniums before Christ and has been developing...

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