How Real Fur Scarves is making Comeback Tsunamis in the Fashion World

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Fashion tends to go around in circles or in helixes because man has yet to come up with something so radically different that it represents a tangential departure from accepted norms. Therefore, fur, which was the darling of landed gentry, the royals, noblemen and the rich, went out of style when people started to have guilty feelings about inhuman cruelty to animals just in order to get their pelts. Just a decade ago anyone wearing fur would be given glaringly withering looks. There have been instances of people who wore fur being attacked in the streets by animal rights activists. Now, fur is riding on a tsunami crest of fashion popularity.

Dark blue fox fur scarf

Why the turnaround? Fur manufacturers were quick to take action and assuage feelings by showing that they treated animals in their farms in a very umane manner. Trapping methods were monitored and improved. There was little to complain about for animal rights activists and fur came back with a bang especially when top celebrities like Rihanna and Kate Mox decided fur suited them especially well and what Rihanna do, millions of girls will do. If she wears real fur scarves then millions of girls find that Real fur scarves are absolutely imperative in their wardrobes.


Large scale organized farming and humane techniques have led to a more positive outlook for fur apparel and scarves are proving to be hugely popular fashion accessories for women and men. A scarf is not subject to the same limitations as a fur hat or a fur coat. Another reason for the rise in demand for genuine fur is that faux fur, in a way, was responsible. Fur has an innate appeal and faux fur fashion apparel looked so good that people craved the real stuff. And, to be quite blunt, the previous generation cared about environment and animals while the present generation is more materialistic and self-centered.

Golden sable fur scarf - unisex

Women can wear fur scarves from Amifur anyway they want. Each style of wearing the scarf projects a different image. The best thing is there are no rules to wearing a scarf. Just put it over any type of dress and look improve dramatically. Wear it knotted, looped over or let it dangle loose or tie it around the waist and each time you take on a different look. Amifur fur scarves are the real stuff, made from genuine pieces of real fur stitched together to look like a single piece and this is why they are so affordable.

The fashion circle has sort of gone around in a helix and furs are back with a bang. You can wear fur scarves and no one is likely to tear it off. On the contrary, they may ask from where you bought that lovely piece. Amifur scarves have million dollar looks but are so surprisingly affordable that revealing their price to anyone could just dim the bright impression a bit. Keep a half dozen such scarves in genuine fur and wear them with aplomb and people are likely to think you are well off, quite well off in fact.

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