Guide to Men’s scarves – 5 Stylish Ways to Tie a scarves

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Are you fond of scarves? Scarves for men are latest crazes in the fashion world. There are lots of varieties to choose from. Ensure you select a top brand in the online market while shopping for suitable scarves, which match your refined tastes. Did you know there are numerous ways to tie a scarf? Establishing a fashion statement via a scarf-tying style is something really exciting. For some of you, tying a scarf might seem a difficult task. Actually, it is not. Check the following short guide that tells you about 5 distinct stylish ways to tie a scarf.



City Slicker

When you want to tie a scarf with absolutely elegance, especially when you have bought Real fur scarves from AMIFUR, City Slicker is the style to vouch for. You would be amazed to get engrossed in this charming style. You need to fold the scarf accurately in half (its length-wise). Then you need to wrap it around the neck. After that, you have to pull the scarf’s loose ends suitably through the fold’s loop. It is arguably the easier style you can apply.

The Sophisticate

If you aim to add a more suave angle to your style through sporting branded Men’s fur scarves, then the sophisticate style of tying a scarf’s knot would be appropriate. You need to drape it around the neck. Keep a side shorter than the other. Next, you have to wrap the longer side around the neck. Keep one of the scarf’s sides a bit longer, for a lovely, natural appearance.



Ivy Leaguer

It is hands down the most refined style. In this case, the scarf can be worn nicely draped over your shoulder. Also, if you wish, then you can wear in it beautifully, into a designer buttoned jacket or blazer. When you are thinking of sporting an elegant ‘opera scarf’, this would be the best style to apply. The style reflects your flawless tasted regarding fashion garments.


It is yet another highly formal yet sublime style that you would love to experiment with, especially in an elite social gathering. You have to simply lay the scarf around the neck. Both ends of it should be parallel, on the front-side. Bring any of the ends under another end, and then again bring it over. You can drape the front-end completely over the other side’s back. It is recommended to sport this style with preferably a sports coat. You would appear strikingly elegant.




If you are searching for a more casual style, then the Weekender style would simply be the most convenient choice in this regard. You have to start with one of the ends, pick the longer one, keep on wrapping it around the neck, until is becomes really short. In the next step, you have to tuck both the ends into your wrapped scarf. If you need volume, then you can suitably fluff-out the scarf’s knot. This is lovely style for a windy day.

Purchase the best scarves

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