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Posted by on Sep 06, 2017 .

While fashion styles and trends tend to change from season to season, there are certain classics that remain eternally stylish. This includes wearing fashionable fur clothing and accessories. While there was a furore over fur related items a few years ago, with organisations like PETA at the forefront, there has been a strong interest rekindled in real fur items. As most real fur is ethically sourced and comes with origin assurance labels it has become immensely popular again.

When winter arrives, perhaps the most important accessories in women’s wardrobes are real fur shawls. These are a necessity to stay warm in extremely...

Fur hats are inherently expensive compared to hats made of any other material so some bright mind came up with the idea of topping up a plain hat made of fabric with a pom pom of fur and lo and behold, you have a sea of waving bobbles ever where. Women are taking to these bobble hats in droves just because they are so cheap. This very fact makes them fun accessories one wears and discards without giving the fur much thought because it is like a dash of spice on the hat.


Fur store takes fur a bit more seriously. The material is timeless and confers a gracefully elegant air to the wearer, whether she chooses a stole, a...

Posted by on Jul 06, 2017 .

It becomes quite a drag when it comes to choosing the perfect attire. Our adornment would inevitably be reflective of our own self as a character and therefore we are always conscious of what we need to finalise as that certainty that we’d be wearing.


Woolen materials serves the best for winter’s purpose. Apart from that there is the latest cultural trend of accepting the usage of real fur as a sign of prestige. The material has been associated with the rich for quite some time and some marginalised are actually forbidden to use it for clothing. Anyways, we are concerned about the aspects of beauty and class all...

You receive a message or mail on your phone, and there’s an invitation to another office party. Right from the moment the message arrived, you must be losing your mind over trivial issues like what to wear, which accessory to carry, and how to dress up. You will surely not love to be seen in the same old apparels over and over again. That is what creates the need for a new purchase.

At times, you are in dire need of buying a new outfit but don’t have the desired finances for the purchase. If you are facing similar situations, there’s a great way to solve it. Don’t invest in a new outfit. Rather, jazz up your old...

Posted by on May 06, 2017 .

Fur clothing has the dual benefit of being attractive and valuable. Such clothing has a timeless value, for which it is often passed across generations. Fur accessories are equally appealing and can elevate your overall look with their touch of style and sophistication. Such accessories include hats or scarves made from fur. These are never out of fashion and are available in many stores across countries. Fur hats can look great with any winter wear. These make great changes from the usual woolen hats worn during winter. There are many factors which make such hats different from hats made from other more common materials.


Posted by on Apr 06, 2017 .

Shawls have increasingly become a growing trend these days. For women, it is difficult to wear jackets over saree or gown in the evening parties. With the passing time, the shawl has also become a part of the day wear in winters. These are cosy and extremely comfortable attire and are available in vibrant colours and print. There are party wear shawls, party wear shawls and even corporate wear shawls.

Shawls come in many fabrics like alpaca, wool, pashmina and silk. Some carry handcrafted work while some are beautifully knitted. Shawls also come in furs like fox fur or rabbit fur. These fur shawls are pretty expensive but...

Posted by on Mar 06, 2017 .

Hats are popular across the world especially during the cold months such as the winter. They help keep your head warms during cold winters.  There are already many types of hats in the market but the fur hats are currently the best fashion trend the world over.  The fur hats not only keep you warm but are also very cozy and quite fashionable.  Most of these hats are made from rabbit fur, fox fur, mink fur among other great materials.  This makes the hats warm, last long and stay stylish for longer.

Real fur hats made from real animal fur are very fashionable and will add glamor and style to any outfit.  In the past, these hats...

Posted by on Feb 02, 2017 .

Winters is all about seeking to stay warm, which will also be complicated. Seeking to keep heat and fashionable even as can be another mission. Fur can solve these iciness challenges due to the fact that fur combines sort and function.

You can chose from wide range of fur accessories availed in the market such as Amifur sable fur hat. The extravagant texture of Sable fur is lush and legitimate. The result is a straightforward and stylish Cossack-inspired fur Russian hat that's tremendously lush, at ease and heat. Tuck your hair within this Russian faux fur hat for a proper seem, or leave it down for a informal date.


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