Amifur Offers a Selection of Best Fox Fur Hats to Help You Make Definitive Fashion Statements

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Fur hats are inherently expensive compared to hats made of any other material so some bright mind came up with the idea of topping up a plain hat made of fabric with a pom pom of fur and lo and behold, you have a sea of waving bobbles ever where. Women are taking to these bobble hats in droves just because they are so cheap. This very fact makes them fun accessories one wears and discards without giving the fur much thought because it is like a dash of spice on the hat.

Greenland White-Cream Fox Fur Hat


Fur store takes fur a bit more seriously. The material is timeless and confers a gracefully elegant air to the wearer, whether she chooses a stole, a scarf or a hat. The hat, it must be said, is the topping, the icing on the cake, the gold edge that adds bling and endows a woman with glamour. Hats made of genuine single piece pelts can be expensive but Amifur fox fur hats are not only stylishly elegant in looks but also affordable so much so that a woman can buy half dozen different ones such as the authentic silver fox fur hat, greenland white cream style, a grey fox fur, golden fire fox and crystal fox in Russian ushanka and kubanka styles. One may, of course, choose the more expensive sable and mink but fox fur is no less gorgeous in looks and it is just as comfortable, sleek, stylish and warm to wear in winter.


Hats can change the way a woman looks. The pillbox type hat, for instance, confers a cute and delicate look to the female face. On the other hand, when she wishes to look gorgeously striking, there is nothing to quite match hats made of fox fur to create bewitching transformations. Fur store is a company that understands modern women, their needs, their concerns and their desire to stand out from the crowd and have created a delectable range of headgear (as well as stoles and scarves) that will satisfy her fashion senses to the fullest but without leaving a hole in the pocket. Good fur store  sells direct to women all over the world and believes in being reasonable in its pricing approach.

Golden fire fox fur hat Ushanka


Fur hats are created using genuine, top of the line furs and crafted with care using polyester inner lining and durable stitching. Each one is made by hand and is a labor of love because pieces are carefully matched together for color and texture to create a uniform harmony. One would expect these hats to be priced sky high but because remnants are used, the cost is so low that any woman and every woman can afford to buy not just one but three or four. There may be women who have ethical concerns about fur but they can stop worrying because Good store follows ethical ways in sourcing materials only from trusted sources. For discerning, fashion-conscious women who dare to make a definitive style statement and are looking for genuine, authentic fox fur hats, good store is the destination of choice.




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