An All-Inclusive Guide on Buying and Caring For Fur

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The fur is something that has been ruling the world of fashion for decades. It experienced a few dry spells, but it pulled itself up. Even a few years ago nobody was showing any interest in this expensive item. Now, however, the story is entirely different. You can spot male and female models showcasing fur garments and accessories on fashion shows. The sheer glamour of fur accessories and clothes exude from these models as they walk down the runway. While fur can be expensive, it is possible for almost everyone to own at least one or two instances. However, everything depends on what you’re buying.

Fox Fur Scarf - Blue

The Basics

Yes, apart from Natural Fox Fur Scarves from Amifur, you may come across some fake products from other companies. That is why it is mandatory for you to find out as much as possible before paying for anything. There are also a few basic things that you should know before you purchase anything. Clothing companies use for a variety of garments. You can buy full-length coats of fur or accessories like hats and scarves. The price of an item depends on the type of fur used, the size of the product, artisanship, and the design. Any fur garment or accessory can last you twenty years. If you can take good care of it, then it can become an heirloom for future generations.

The Types

Fur can come from several sources, mainly animals. Today, fox fur scarves are in high demand among fashion enthusiasts. The creature which endows the fur determines its feel and also the cost. Mink is one of the most popular fur varietals and are also quite expensive. Mink fur is the densest, softest and longest among all the others. Sable follows mink closely on this list, and it is an animal from Russia. These creatures also live in Siberia and some locations in Asia. Sable fur can also be expensive because it is difficult to obtain them. Next on the list is Chinchilla fur, which is fragile and costly at the same time. Fox fur is probably the most affordable besides being highly fashionable.

How to Care for Fur

A luxurious item requires more than adequate care. So, you should buy one only if you can look after it. Otherwise, it will end up being a piece of scrap that deserves to be in the dustbin. Fur possesses natural oils which you must retain by applying a proper glaze. Instead of doing it yourself, you should get in touch with a furrier. You should never dry clean your accessory or garment. It is best to keep furs at a cold zone, or it will dry out. You shouldn’t store your fur clothes at home. They can lose their moisture or harbor insects. Oxidation can further deteriorate the item by robbing it of its color.

Fox Fur Scarf - Arctic Fire Fox

Repairing and Restyling

Yes, it is possible to improve fur accessories as long as the damage isn’t severe. Furriers can take care of minor tears. You must not try to do it yourself because the task is an arduous one. Furriers will open the item from the lining and then sew it. Finally, they will close it up. Furriers can also fix any bald spots on the accessory or garment that you have. If you want, then you can ask a furrier to update the style of the product.

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