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There was a time when experts used to say that it’s always beneficial to wear something that would protect your head during the harsh, cold winter months. They believed that an individual could lose around 80 to 90% of his/her body heat through their head. Understandably, headgear would prevent you from encountering catastrophic situations. However, this fact didn’t stay true for long. Today’s researchers believe that you could lose heat from all parts of your body. Nevertheless, hats still play a crucial role, both in terms of winter protection and fashion. The best way to maintain your body heat is to cover everything from your head to your toes.


Crystal fox fur hat



Rules regarding colors


Now, you can’t just throw on anything thinking that you would look stylish. Of course, if staying in vogue isn’t your cup of tea, then it’s a different matter altogether. However, if you want to cover your head and look good at the same time, then you have to follow specific rules. One of the best dealers of the Crystal fox fur hat operating via Amifur is willing to share those norms with you.


1.      Bright colors: If you choose a brightly colored accessory, such as a Golden fire fox fur hat, then it would have “safety” associations. While headgear made from animal pelts won’t protect you if something drops on your head, its color does exude a “rescuer” sort of vibe. For instance, you would notice orange, neon green, and other bright colors on the heads of extreme winter sports participants to make search-and-rescue missions easier. So, if you aren’t a hunter or a professional snowboarder, then you may need something different.



Golden fire fox fur hat,



2.   Relatively bright colors: A subtle difference exists between bright colors and relatively bright colors. The latter would suit you if you are looking for something casual and sporty. You would love to wear something like that on weekend activities, such as skiing or snowboarding. Then again, such hats won’t be good enough if you’re traveling to the city where exceptionally fashionable people roam the streets.


3.   Dark colors: Accessories for your head that feature the darkest colors and earthy tones are the dressiest. The shades include black, brown, grey, etc. You can wear these accessories almost anywhere you want to, whether you’re going skiing down the slopes of the highest mountain in your region or visiting the opera house.




Rules regarding styles


Apart from the colors of the headgear, the styles would also affect your choice. Here are a few things to know.


  1. Ear protection: According to fashion designers, hats that cover your ears aren’t as formal as the ones that leave them bare. Then again, if the temperature goes below zero, then you probably wouldn’t care. After all, if you don’t cover your ears, you would freeze to death.


  1. Crowns: Crowned headgear happens to be much more formal than the ones with soft tops.


  1. The material: If the material is soft and thick, such as animal fur, then you can’t call it formal. If you own head accessories created from animal pelts, then make sure that you don’t wear them to your workplace or other formal environments. Instead, you have to put on something thin and stiff. Then again, you can simply change your accessory just before entering formal surroundings.


  1. Accents: Specific accents, such as pom-poms, fringes, and other dangly charms are always low-formality. You must avoid wearing them in areas where you would appear obnoxiously cheerful.


Top choices


Now that you know where you can wear accessories made of animal pelts, you should look into what you can choose.


  1. Aviator style: Aviator headgear has always been the trendiest and most popular accessories in the fashion industry. Its casual outlook brought the fame that it deserved. As already mentioned earlier, such an accessory would be perfect for you if you enjoy partaking in winter activities, including skiing, snowboarding, etc.


  1. Russian style: If you want something more traditional, then you should choose the designs inspired by the designers of Russia. These accessories for your head have ear flaps. The flaps would cover your ears and even keep your neck and chin warm. The more modern designs come with buckles at the bottom for extra protection while making the wearer look smarter.


  1. Possum: These are handcrafted hats where the designers use the finest quality animal pelts. Fortunately, a few companies offer their products at pocket-friendly prices. You won’t have to worry about the genuineness of the item as long as you purchase it from a reputable and renowned dealer.



Get yours today


So, everything regarding hat styles and colors should be clear to you now. You also have a few options to explore. Of course, the best dealers would show you more if these accessories interest you. You should start hunting for them now because once the winter season steps in, the options would start dwindling.

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